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"My child, do not be afraid , I am not a cancer, will be able to live ." Mother regained consciousness after surgery hospital in Xuzhou the first sentence says so . That memorable late autumn ,Billige Moncler Jakker the mother in black clot excretion nearly six months before the case told her sons and daughters . During this period a nearly seventy years , to feed eight children, the elderly, without telling his family and moved to the field to a private hospital for endoscopy, two thirty whole family did not know . At that time my father and brothers and sisters live in the city , only the mother in the orchard field next to my big sister business of a soldering iron house , selling tobacco, snacks. Tired, they close, would like to return the city to return to the city . Big sister thought his mother back to the city , a small iron house close did not care. When a mother diagnosed with colorectal cancer in hospital, only to say a person to see a doctor to do endoscopy . Then there are not a family, when you insert the tube , thoughts of death are . Remark when Mother said , looking at the gray sky outside the window of the sun , not a long time to recover ,Moncler Jakker Danmark Dame very quiet and very melancholy sight . I am ashamed to have to shame, as the eldest son can not wait to sew drill . "Mother you shot it, otherwise people a rest at night let's open the doctor not to medicine ." Big sister and wife consoled her mother , a chest needle stitching 24 , but grit your teeth will not say anything mother finally agreed to fight a shot of Demerol . By faith will really depend on the mother survive. But then experienced greater than the pain of torture : first brother drunk middle of the night fell from the fourth floor balcony , arms, legs broken , covered in blood , his face was full of broken stones rolled forward to rub the skin . My wife and I heard the news , dial emergency telephone no answer ,Moncler 2013 nyt I rushed to the county hospital just woke the driver to take four brothers got me to rescue. Father, hypertension, heart disease did not give him that dawn is the case then the mother , the mother had been unconscious for four brothers looked , did not tear away, said: " The how to save on how to save , which make arrangements for What will make arrangements for what it is ! "to fourth brother was lucky , sober undergone surgery , he is actually alive , but also to live as before . One day in 2004 , a schoolteacher 's brother went to a friend's house to drink wedding , came back to take a friend 's car on the road and a farm truck collided, causing one death and four injuries a major car accident. At home to help his mother to do business in the big sister , big sister know brother rushed to the county hospital , the light transfusion fee in respect of a million yuan, but still no rescue came . Only back to her husband's family funeral . Later we learned that the mother hastily rushed to the town to see big sister look , you know a big thing. But she did not chaos, a seventy -year-old woman, hold sadness, her teeth with a man , and never shuttered . When someone asks sister and her husband , she readily said : " purchase go ." What to take what you want , is an acquaintance of his journal,Moncler kvinder Coats is a stranger to how much money , how much hair goods until the big sister dealt with things back. Mother consoled , said: " Death is final , the days have been forward , breaking down your child how to do , the children eat , drink , go to school ." In the mother 's persuasion, big sister shops have fruit packing insists that no business. Mother colorectal cancer surgery for 10 years, she did not believe that he is cancer , she said: "My child, I'm fine, I live for ten years ." But this time she refuses to do endoscopy . Mother's Day is coming, my wife lead to the mother bought a dress , she put on after a while, to Ward 's roommate , said: "This is a great daughter I bought , mostly hurt me chanting ." For a while and went to the doctor nurses there repeating the same words. Looked at the mother 's face filled with happiness, I could not help the tears welled ,Moncler kvinder Jakker her life paid so much effort, the eight children of dependent adults, while younger people to buy her a dress , she looked so satisfied, so excited . Mother ah , my old mother ! I'm sure you can handle it , and then live ten or twenty years


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