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Published by: nike free on 22nd Oct 2013 | View all blogs by nike free
When we spotted model Alice Dellal at the Chanel show last week, we should have known that meant she’d be reprising her role as the face of the increasingly popular Chanel Boy Bag collection. This week, Chanel released the latest ad campaign images of Dellal Cheap chanel bags, which feature her, horses and a bevy of beautiful Spring 2013 Boy Chanel Bags. The equestrian thing isn’t one of Chanel’s usual tropes ,but in my eternally five-year-old mind, horses are always a good look. The bags themselves are also a pretty good look. Chanel’s website gives us some preview images of the bags that have just hit stores, and they’re exactly what you’d expect from the brand’s Spring Chanel 2.55 Bags show – primary colors, mixed with a little bit of Chanel’s signature black-and-ivory combination. There’s also a bit of stingray, which has becomes something of a Boy Bag staple. For a preview of both the bags and the ads, join us below.


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