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Three years ago, my class to the transfer of a newborn - desert of snow. First saw her, gave me the impression is indifference. The eyes water Lingling , but with no trace of a smile , look at what are cold ; while wearing a plain white dress , seemed so simple,Nike Run Australia shoes even giving a mad, feeling shadow dance clear , really became apparent indifference snow. I do not know why, the teacher told me to let her do the same table . Gradually, we became good friends. Later I found her among the best results [ Note : metaphor position row in front. ] , And a plain white dress looked like she was graceful in Wonderland [ Note : describe the attitude of soft and beautiful. ] Fairy. His family was very wealthy . But she did not smile, usually they rarely speak . Then I wonder , your grades among the best, looks beautiful , wealthy , gentle voice , is so rich, good, beautiful , and no girl does not envy , does not envy her. But why she would be so glum [ Note : muffled : feel uncomfortable , upset . Describe the mind fit , my heart is not happy. ] Yet. In fact, she is very kind , helpful , caring students on campus from time to time you can see that the passage of a small figure in helping students to some of my classmates quipped ;Australia Nike Free Shoes desert snow, If you are in someone's home at night walked out of the window , like a white ghost. Indeed, that body of her white dress , no place to walk at night , like a ghost, but the stage was like a strayed into human fireworks do not eat fairy . I was surprised I marvel that she is so good, like poetry and painting Kind master, her teacher as essay writing is often to read . She is so perfect , like water hibiscus, one o'clock is not contaminated sludge . Once went to her home to look, I was surprised , white sheets , white clothes , shoes ...... why she was surprised to like white. Interestingly, her screen name actually called white ghost. Turned , I saw her eyes in a daze , Hand On Chin , an absent-minded look, only to see her helpless expression, from a pair of watery eyes , pale face even more since then rolling down a another big stars sparkling teardrop . Stunned, heard her faint murmured ;Nike Free Run Shoes born, her parents saw a girl , then sent to the countryside grandmother at home, she is growing small hill in that ditch . To the age of ten, she first met her parents for the first time by their parents received city. After arriving home , I saw two five -year-old boy ran out shouting Mom and Dad . Now she knew , if not sick grandmother died , she is unlikely to see their parents . Hateful, patriarchal [ Note : emphasis on men underestimate women . Refers to the feudal contempt for women . ] Parents did not make up for her love, for she did not feel the slightest guilt, did not let her , and they live together, just buy her a house, hire a babysitter to her every year on the card exchange some money ,Mens Nike Free 3.0 V4 in addition no longer any connection of the other . Because she is so unfortunate is so pitiful , in addition to cold than money , she had nothing [ Note : nothing. Refers to the money , but also refers to the achievement of knowledge . ] . Since then , I and her inseparable, she also often come to my home for dinner , feeling loved ones care. Gradually, she became Live wave brightened , is so active, but she still likes to wear white clothes that attack . Her white dress that body is so unforgettable [ Note : read not forget . Describe the memory is very strong. ] , Even in the thousands [ Note : to describe the number of lot . ] In the crowd would recognize her glance . Very suddenly one day , she did not come to school , thought nothing, did not realize that natural disasters [ Note : Days : Natural . Natural disasters and man-made calamity . Metaphor also harm sperm ( curse words ) . ] Would befall her. Home to read the newspaper to know, the road to school , to rescue her two little classmates ,Mens Nike Free 4.0 V2 and was hit by a sudden a car on the spot Die. In fact, she can not save , and not necessary , can do nothing about them [ Note: see people have trouble rather than to the rescue. ] , But she has sacrificed himself for others . For several days I can not believe that would be true, maybe the newspaper is another girl called desert snow , maybe desert snow sick, or her parents suddenly found a conscience , repentance , and awakening , no longer patriarchal , and hastily picked up her , she may go in a hurry , no time to say goodbye to me . But the reality is so cruel manner , she has disappeared in this A wonderful world, has disappeared. Life , memories , my mind only to remember to look for the white Nama , Nama white shadow , even find a possibility of just one-thousandth ,Mens Nike Free 5.0 V4 millionth , I have to find her. Unable to accept the reality , but had to accept the reality. Birds fly overboard from gravity , flowers from the flower faded grass from Wing . Desert snow, I hope you can in heaven , can live happily , hope you can find on the clouds of their own that of a hard-won [ Note : LINK : Make it to . It does not get easier. Represents the acquisition of property or things success is not easy. ] Happiness, can find their end of life . I wonder if you know, there are a lot of students are in the ring read you, miss you all . Memories like sugar, sweet to sad . The end of all , everything is no longer . Memories, no longer has any force , broken in deserted wind, together we can complete the passing of the years passed , the wind never kill , do not break anymore , and eventually became a perfect crystal



  • nike free
    by nike free 4 years ago
    Idle effort and read it again, "Forrest Gump", by his words on top of it a classic of the infection, which led to some cranky. Yes, I would like to have that pair of shoes, she is not like carrying a burden on your body, you do not feel it's therenike mercurial vapor , she is entirely an integral part of your body, you cut off her words will always be under tremendous pain. Not to wear these shoes to show off her beauty, her expensive, not to get a little bit from her poor self-esteem, win others insincere praise. And just because comfortable, just because she is fit you, just because she would not have called you feel awkward. Over the years I have changed a lot of shoes, these shoes have a common characteristic is love at first sight, however, put on a few days you will feel hard pimple feet2013 New Adidas Soccer, always felt she was a burden to wear. I often confused, would doubt that such a pair of beautiful shoes how uncomfortable it would wear? Dress her I should be proud of, I should thank God gave me such a beautiful shoes, I should cherish her and appreciate her, love her, defend her, made her dream of my life, till death do us. But many times I have had to reluctantly part, this pain is painful, but short duration makes me surprised, I was surprised their ability grass is always greener, sigh shoes tragic fate, and I also glad I did not die eye brow Lai holding these shoes, glad she could shake off I went looking for someone who really resonate with her bosom. Person's life are looking for one pair of suitable shoes. Some people sigh cruel reality, ultimately helpless put on a pair of shoes pimple. He can always take off these shoes, but you can always wear this pair of shoes, these shoes are dispensable for him in spirit2013 New Nike Soccer, but asked him to throw away these shoes thoroughly than prohibitively difficult. They are not do not know which shoes are suitable for their own, they just do not have enough courage to give up their own in the eyes of the world fairly fit pair of shoes, along with their hearts they are tightly pair of shoes stepped on this pair rely on outside create shoes, although occasionally will resist it. Shoes that really need the human heart, he is not the best pair of eyes of others, but for a long time touches your heart, can bring you infinite passion, unlimited pair of happy, even if she was not cited of attention. I have a pair of shoes do not fit, but I still have not given up trying to find a pair of shoes.
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