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Koreans come , you will see a wide variety of clothing, Korean according to age , gender, and slightly different. What difference will it make Parajumpers Jakker Salg? It would then read ! Korean men's pants, legs and crotch quite large, most suitable for sitting cross-legged trousers, tie a ribbon , but likes to wear button- shirt plus colored waistcoat, when they go out together with friends to wear a robe. Xie Jin jacket trimmed with white edges , so decorated , both very beautiful, but you can always remove the wash, broadly consistent with the color of the clothes , the clothes and pants mostly white, but also some gray, jade and so on. Korean women's clothing has a skirt and jacket . Skirts can be divided into two types: wrapped skirt and skirts Kvinner Parajumpers Alisee. Older women like to wear a white dress , but prefer to use white flannel header. During the winter , cold weather , they have to put on a very warm waistcoat . To do in this waistcoat with fur , made ??with colorful silk surface , carefully sewn . Middle-aged women wear wrapped skirt . This skirt is wide Qunfu wrap around his waist with a wide belt fastened . Hem of the skirt has many small folds, long and heel , is bifurcated skirt. Wear it again the next wrapped after the end of the hem of the skirt , put up tuck in his waistband . Skirts are stitched drum skirt , pleated waist with many fine , even on a white cloth top also do small vest . Opening the chest with button fastening , wearing head up from the sets, it is convenient. Tongqun used as a dress or clothes to go out , the hem of the skirt is very long Kvinner Parajumpers Light Long Bear, it is luxurious and generous . Usually wear skirts very short , the longest just over the knee. This is mainly to facilitate labor and housework . Korean children's clothing design is basically the same as adults , but taking into account the child's delicate skin , usually when the children have chosen to make clothes soft texture of the fabric . But it is worth mentioning that many children with jacket sleeves "Rainbow Satin " ( seven colors matching satin ) material made ??of , like the rainbow after wear . Korean people think that rainbow is a symbol of light and beautiful Kvinner Parajumpers Long Bear, with " seven-color satin " children to do clothes, means that the child is more beautiful and happy. Korean clothing is so, is unique ; is multifarious ; is colorful . If you go to Korean, I believe we can make you crazy for !


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