The iPhone 4 By Apple Is A Cutting Edge Smartphone

Published by: Peterfanal on 3rd Sep 2013 | View all blogs by Peterfanal

The recently released Apple iPhone 4 has received a huge amount of media hype and attention leading up to its release. Arguably the ultimate smartphone, this device features some of the most cutting edge mobile phone technology, leaving its competitors running for cover.


The previous versions of the iPhone were manufactured from plastic; however the iPhone 4 is made from strengthened glass on both sides. It is also much thinner than the 3G or 3GS at just 9.3mm, making it one of the most slimline phones available. In the hand, the iPhone 4 feels like a premium, luxurious object, leaving no doubts about its build quality.

Apple has also redesigned the inside of the iPhone 4. It is powered by the same Apple A4 chip which runs the Apple iPad so everything moves incredibly quickly. Launching into apps has no lag at all, making for a lightning fast user experience.

The screen on the best dallas mavericks iphone 5 cases Apple iPhone 4 is put of this world, and has to be seen to be believed. The screen size is the same as the old iPhone at 3.5 inches, but it has twice the number of pixels. The screen has 326 pixels per inch, which is more than the human eye can perceive. The result of this is that no matter how close you hold it to your eye; you simply cant see the dots, making for amazing rendering of text and images which are crisp and full of detail. Up to 16 million colours are displayed on screen, within a pixel resolution of 640x 960 pixels.

Much has been publicised about the versatility of the iPhone 4, but lets not forget that it is also a phone! Compared to previous models, call quality is much improved thanks in no small part to an extra microphone located at the top of the phone, which picks up and filters out ambient noise.

Apple has really improved the digital camera compared to the previous iPhones. The camera on the back of the phone is now 5MP and this now has a flash. There is a second VGA camera on the front of the phone, allowing video calling to be carried out over Wi-Fi networks with other iPhone 4 users.

The primary camera has the ability to record 720p quality video (HD), which can also be edited, and uploaded directly to YouTube. The quality of the display makes for an unsurpassed viewing experience.

All of this extra technology obviously places an extra strain on the battery. However, Apple has increased the battery size by 40\% to make up for this, meaning that users can surf the web, make video calls, and download apps without having to check the battery every 5 minutes.

All in all, you would be hard pressed to find fault with the Apple iPhone4. Its versatility and regular software updates make it a hard phone for its competitors to beat. Already a popular choice, the Apple iPhone 4 looks set to gain new best nfl iphone 5 cases fans every day.


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