Useful applications to replace traditional math tutoring

Published by: Bruce Garcia on 18th Apr 2016 | View all blogs by Bruce Garcia

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Here are two great tutor apps for children:

• BrainPOP Featured Movie – this application is great if your children study at elementary school or middle school. This is BrainPOP style app, so you children should be prepared to play in it (they need at least to learn some basic information about BrainPOP). Main heroes in this app are little boy Tim and his friend, robot Moby. These two characters can explain different subjects in a fun way – you children won’t be bored for sure. Application covers many subjects – science, English, math, arts and music, engineering and tech and social studies. It is free

• Lumosity Mobile – this application is also for young children. It is aimed to train children’s memory and attention. Different neuroscientists took part in the development of this application and used recent studies to make it very effective.

Recent studies also prove that those children who train memory have better math achievements. Anyway, you can use Lumosity Mobile for free, so there are no obstacles why not to try this app Some of other good tutor-apps are Khan Academy and WolframAlpha. They allow students to study more sophisticated courses, such as science, economics and finance, humanities and computer programming. Use them to get linear programming homework help. WolframAlpha has a very nice feature - it can show student not only the right answer on the equation, but also a step-by-step decision. It is very useful, when you need to find a mistake in your own calculations. MathCrunch is also a great app to get programming homework service.



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